Juhor - Paraćin

About us

Brush manufacturing company Juhor from Paracin owned by the Stojkovic family embodies Serbian tradition, industrious and honest attitude towards business, craft and customers. Juhor has been functioning efficiently in brush production for almost hundred years. By using new ideas and technology Juhor has become one of few companies producing unique doormats.

The aim of Juhor brush manufacturing company is to remain in the leading position on the home market and at the same time to become successful among abroad companies...


In 1920 the first brush production started with great-grandfather Sreten, went on with grandfather Dragutin and his son Cedomir. Cedomir passed his skills on to his son and today’s company owner Stojan. Each generation brought something new into brush production process. So has Zoran the son of the company owner Stojan who has been introducing modern technology.

This successful family company has been working continually, justifying its reputation with high quality products and confidence of many customers and business partners from the whole country.

In Serbia brush making was a kind of an old craft. Brush making was first mentioned in the Middle Ages in Dusan’s Code in 1354 which guaranteed special privileges to wandering journeymen for making products from human and animal hair for royalty. During the 19th century domestic craftsmen appeared making different brushes for population and military industry.

They sold their products at markets. At the end of the last century the first brush manufacturing guild was founded.

It can be said that establishing Juhor in Paracin organized brush production started.